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Speaking on issues relating to Cook County & the 5th District

Health & Social Services

  • Ensure Fair and Equitable access to all County Services

  • Promote Women and Family resources to support everyone in the district

  • Sponsor legislation that provides full circle resources to each community within the district based on needs

  • Ensure new mental health and mobile services initiative impacts our district to it’s fullest potential

Public Safety & Justice Reform

  • Working to ensure all communities have the resources from law enforcement while promoting police accountability

  • Challenging Federal, State, and Local laws that hurt our youth along with those who have/are reentering our communities from previous incarceration

  • Advocating for funding and resource opportunities in the areas of youth development, violence prevention, safety infrastructure, reentry, substance abuse and more

  • Promoting community engagement and supporting initiatives such as Block Clubs, Neighborhood Watch, Concerned Citizens and more

  • Supporting and partnering for fair and equitable practices in Law Enforcement across Sheriffs, Judges, State’s Attorney and local government

Economic Opportunities for All

  • Investing and Advocating for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Working with Corporate, Federal, State, and Local partners to bring more resources to our community for prosperity for all

  • Sponsoring & Partnering for Legislative Policies that Support Working Families

  • Connecting those in need of 2nd (maybe 3rd) chances to Career & Life Readiness

  • Linking youth development with enhanced education, job opportunities, and financial literacy

Infrastructure & Sustainability


Working across Corporate, Federal, State, and Local to address:

  • Lead Service Lines that plague the health & well being of our residents

  • Broadband access and technology advancements for everyone for our communities to be more competitive

  • Our Water and Sewage Systems for a safer and more stabilized community

  • Roadway and Alley improvement needs

  • Fair Equity and Inclusion for underserved communities that don’t always receive a fair seat at the table

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