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"Prairie State College is an economic engine for the Southland.

I am the experienced candidate with a documented, comprehensive plan to increase enrollment while encouraging community investment."     


Monica Gordon   |   Candidate for College Board Trustee


Her unique and comprehensive platform focuses on the symbiotic relationship between higher education and economic development. Ms. Gordon believes that, “Prairie State College is an economic engine for the Southland. Strategic partnerships are imperative to increase enrollment and give students an optimal learning environment to thrive.”

Gordon is also a dedicated community advocate whose priorities include equitable education and strengthening economic development in the Southland. Monica was recently the Executive Director for the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation for over 2 years.

During the present COVID-19 pandemic, Gordon believes the pandemic has exacerbated inequities in higher education. As a result, she is bringing solutions forward because low-income students deserve better access to an affordable and quality education.

Monica serves on various boards such as the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation and Girls 4 Science. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Arts degree in Communications and Training from Governors State University. Monica is also the founder and President of EQ Capital Consulting LLC, a firm that specializes in emotional intelligence assessment and training, and speech communication.

Monica Gordon has been endorsed by Prairie State College Board Chairman Marc Wiley; Illinois Legislative Deputy Majority Leader, Senator Emil Jones III; Illinois Legislative Black Caucus Foundation Joint Chair and Illinois Representative Sonya Harper; Illinois Representative Marcus Evans; Southland Black Chamber of Commerce; Black Chamber of Commerce of Illinois; CSEDC (Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation) Executive Director Reggie Greenwood; Will County Coroner Laurie Summers and Chicago Heights Mayor David Gonzalez.

For more Information about Monica Gordon’s candidacy for Trustee of Prairie State College Board #515, please email her campaign at

Virtual Press Conference:

Monica Gordon announces candidacy for Prairie State College Board Trustee

Endorsed by:

IL Speaker of the House

Chris Welch

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